Source 7: Corporate Volunteers
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Source 7: Corporate Volunteers


7 Tips to Successfully Involve Corporate Volunteers

  1. Be flexible.
    Short-term, episodic volunteer opportunities attract corporate volunteers better than longer commitments.

  2. Explore corporate policies.
    Most businesses don’t have volunteer release-time policies. But many allow employees to take extended lunches in order to volunteer.

  3. Stay local.
    Find businesses within your immediate neighborhood where travel time is minimal, so employees can maximize their on-site volunteering.

  4. Bring the training to them.
    Offer volunteer training and orientations at corporate offices during lunch or before or after work hours.

  5. Advertise.
    Use bulletin boards, e-mails, corporate newsletters, and work-site volunteer fairs to publicize your volunteer opportunities. You also can ask the human resource department or community affairs office to distribute your information.

  6. Be specific on what you need.
    Make sure your volunteer job descriptions include realistic time requirements, including training and orientation. Also, clearly identify the skills participants will learn through volunteering, such as leadership, teamwork, writing, or public speaking. Offer to help volunteers document their service, training, and skills on resumes and job applications.

  7. Offer recognition.
    Personal letters of appreciation, articles in corporate newsletters, and other public recognition events are important ways to thank volunteers for their work. 

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