Source 4: More Effective Fundraising Sustainability Quiz
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Source 4: More Effective Fundraising Sustainability Quiz


Is your organization set up for sustainability? Take this quick quiz:

  1. Is your funding base adequately diverse—with no single source greater than 50%?

  2. Has your organization integrated strategic, marketing, and fundraising plans that provide organizational direction for the next two to five years?

  3. Does your board have the skills, expertise, interest, time, and commitment to not only dictate but participate in fundraising?

  4. Have you updated your volunteer program to reflect current realities in our society and implemented effective volunteer recruitment, training, supervision, and management in your organization?

  5. Are volunteers an integral part of your fundraising?

  6. Have you established donor cultivation, stewardship, and recognition policies and practices in your organization, including a planned giving program?

  7. Have you effectively incorporated in-kind support into your resource development strategies?

  8. Have you identified local companies as potential customers, funders, or partners?

  9. Do you have a reserve fund that covers at least six months of operating costs and an endowment?

  10. Do you have adequate technology and staff to improve your services and raise funds? 

  11. Do your marketing materials reflect your organization’s impact, accomplishments, and values?

  12. Are all staff, volunteers, and board members integrated into fundraising and capacity building activities?

  13. Are your programs and services designed to obtain and incorporate consumer feedback?

  14. Do older consumers and their caregivers have choice over where, when, how, and who delivers services?

  15. Do you, your staff, and volunteers regularly stop and celebrate results and accomplishments and take calculated risks when necessary?

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