Source 10: Community Building & Fundraising on the Internet
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Source 10: Community Building & Fundraising on the Internet


The Internet is creating a revolution in nonprofit fundraising. The onus is on us to figure out how to use this incredible resource to advance our missions.

  • Practical Tips
    Expand your base of potential donors and strengthen ties with current donors using the Internet. Get tips.

  • Social Media
    Did you know that 55 to 65-year-old women are the fastest-growing group on Facebook? Watch a video on the impact of social media

  • Advantages and Barriers
    Examine the pros and cons of going online for support. Review our list.

More Resources

Fundraising Success
Use this site to learn more about fundraising techniques using tweets, blogs, and other social media.  Explore this site.

This research and consulting firm offers resources and products to help nonprofits develop an effective Internet presence. Their website offers best practices guides, articles, and webinars about online fundraising, and they publish an annual study of the nonprofit sector’s online trends. Download resources.  

Network for Good
This site offers tools and information on the latest ways to use the Internet for fundraising. Check it out.
This site offers a great list of resources about the ins and outs of fundraising online. Search resources.

Fundraising on the Internet: The’s Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition is a good starting point if you’re just developing an Internet fundraising strategy. It can be purchased at

Tech Soup is a great resource for all subjects related to technology and nonprofits, but one article is particularly relevant to fundraising on the Internet. It evaluates tools for online fundraising to help your supporters raise money for your nonprofit. Get good advice.

Online Fundraising: A Startup Guide 10 Online Fundraising Basics You Need to Know is a good, succinct article with helpful links. Download this article.

Fund-Raising With a Net: The Internet is an honest look at the pros and cons of raising funds online, including why building a site specifically for Internet fundraising may not be the right approach for your nonprofit organization. Read more.

How Can We Use the Internet for Fundraising? from was updated in 2005. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Check it out.

Internet Fundraising Trends 2008 is a slide show that links to other useful in-depth articles on various subjects related to fundraising on the Internet. Check out their predictions.

2010 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits from Convio discusses how to make nonprofit initiatives more successful. The guide is based on discussions with nonprofit professionals, industry experts, and partners involved in the nonprofit sector. Download the 2010 Resolutions guide.

Three Examples of Online Fundraising explores different ways to raise funds online. This article looks at online fundraising through affiliate programs, ecommerce portals, and network marketing. Read more.


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