Savvy Saving Seniors® Tips
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Savvy Saving Seniors® Tips


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11 Tips for Managing the Cards in Your Wallet

Learn how to use, manage, and protect your government-issued and commercial prepaid debit cards.

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Top 8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Scams

Millions of older adults fall prey to financial scams every year. Use our tips to help protect yourself or an older adult you know.

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22 Tips for Avoiding Scams & Swindles

Far too many older adults fall prey to scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. Here are 22 tips that can help you steer clear of them and stay safe.

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Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors

Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent that they’re now considered “the crime of the 21st century.” Why? Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. Find out the top 10 scams targeting older adults.

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Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Seniors

For older adults on a fixed income, every penny counts. See our top 10 ways seniors can save money, part of our new Savvy Saving Seniors financial education toolkit.

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