Economic Security Initiative
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Economic Security

Health problems had Ms. A relying on just $11,284 a year. But a visit to an NCOA Economic Security Service Center doubled her income and got her a job. We're helping seniors stretch every dollar.

The Latest in Economic Security Initiative

A New Job and Boost in Income

Mr. P.T. found that his retirement income was insufficient to cover the basic necessities of living in San Francisco. But thanks to the Economic Security Initiative (ESI), he found employment and resources to live healthy into the future. The ESI effort has helped over 8,200 older adults achieve lasting economic security.

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Savvy Saving Seniors® Tips

Explore useful tips from our Savvy Saving Seniors® toolkits on saving money, budgeting, avoiding scams, and more.

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11 Tips for Managing the Cards in Your Wallet

Learn how to use, manage, and protect your government-issued and commercial prepaid debit cards.

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NCOA Sets Goal to Improve the Lives of 10 Million Older Adults by 2020

NCOA has set an ambitious goal of improving the health and economic security of 10 million older adults by 2020. The nonprofit’s new 2013 Impact Report shows it has reached 1.5 million seniors so far.

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