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Each month, the Center for Benefits Access hosts a webinar intended for benefits counselors to learn more about benefits programs, strategies for outreach and enrollment, Medicare, and more. These webinars are offered multiple times and recorded so that those who are unable to attend or wish to refer back to the webinar can do so.

Upcoming webinars

On Nov. 5, we'll be offering benefits counselors our annual overview of Medicare in 2015, including what youor clients can expect related to cost-sharing and coverage. Register for this webinar.

On Nov. 13, NCOA and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities will present Part 4 of our four-part webinar series on SNAP for seniors. This month's webinar will focus on educating seniors about how to use their SNAP benefits, and the recertification process. Register for this webinar.

Previous webinars

All of our past webinars are available as recordings on our Vimeo channel (http://www.vimeo.com/channels/ncboe). Slide presentations and follow-up questions and answers are archived in our Resource Library (search by topic or presentation).

Here are the most recent recordings of past webinars:


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