Reaching out in Cherry Creek
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Reaching out in Cherry Creek

July 17, 2012

Cherry Creek, NV is hundreds of miles from the bright lights and big cities of Las Vegas and Reno. The town is situated in White Pine County, one of Nevada’s most rural areas, with an average population of 1.1 persons per square mile, roughly 21% of whom are over the age of 60.

Following an outreach event in Cherry Creek this spring, one community resident wrote to the MIPPA partners about how the counseling and outreach had a positive impact on her as well as the community:

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for reaching out to our community!  I feel like we had a successful turn-out.  As I called to thank each resident for participating, I asked each one if they got something from your visit and I had a great response— 85% said they will be using some form of help offered. 

Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to explain the programs available. You ladies covered a lot of ground with professionalism and expertise. This is one of the first GOOD things to happen to this community in 30 years and everyone was pleased with the services offered and most said they would take advantage of the services. 

You give me hope—not only for my community but also for myself.  I checked with my doctor, and she is hooked up to Access to Healthcare [a program providing discounted health services to those under age 65 who are uninsured].  I have filled out the application online and will be signing up for insurance, colon screening (which my doctor and another ordered 2 years ago), vision and dental, and women's health connection.  I have been an independent contractor for so long I have not had access to health care in 15 years and I am so grateful that you offered these programs! 

I think you do great things for people who would otherwise go without. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you from the community of Cherry Creek!

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