MIPPA Successes Spell Savings for Many
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MIPPA Successes Spell Savings for Many

May 1, 2012 Learn More

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In 2011, the 51 state and territorial grantees receiving Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) funding filed more than 200,000 applications for benefits that help make Medicare affordable for people with limited incomes and resources.

Here are a few examples of people who’ve been helped as a result of MIPPA.

Saving on prescriptions in Ohio

J.B. worked for 40 years in the steel industry, only to lose his pension. He was 62 years old and on disability. He received $1,800 a month from Social Security and his medicine cost him $1,300.

J.B. went to the Girard Multi-Generational Center, which is a partner for MIPPA with Area Agency on Aging 11, Inc. who has the MIPPA grant through the Ohio Department of Aging. The Center helped him sign up for the Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) and other benefits.

J.B. is a diabetic and had numerous bypass surgeries. Last month, instead of paying his normal prescription bill of about $500, it was $18.

Not having to make tough choices in New Jersey

A 58-year old woman from Southampton contacted the MIPPA subgrantee in Burlington County, crying about her financial situation. Since a car accident two years earlier left her permanently disabled, she had been paying more than $700 a month for private medical insurance. She was unaware that she now qualified for SSDI and Medicare.

MIPPA staff counseled the woman to contact Social Security, which she did. She applied for SSDI in February 2011, and by April 1, was receiving Medicare benefits and qualified under Plan C for those under 65 and disabled.

For that coverage, she now pays a monthly premium of $148, which covered more services than her original private insurance did! This was a savings of $552/month. She contacted the MIPPA staff to thank them for their help and reported that she has stopped worrying if she has enough money for cat food. She said she used to go hungry sometimes so the cat could eat.


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