Restoring sight and peace of mind
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Restoring sight and peace of mind

July 30, 2012

Jackie T., from Albany, GA, lost one eye to glaucoma and has difficulty seeing out of the other. She was denied needed eye medicine because her Part D intermediary would not cover the expensive, brand-name prescription. Jackie had tried other medications that were covered on her formulary, but experienced harsh side effects that left her dizzy, nauseous, and unable to function. That’s when her neighbor told her about the Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP) Benefits Hotline, a benefits enrollment center funded by NCOA.

The GLSP Hotline agreed to file an appeal for Ms. T through her Part D plan. After reviewing the appeal, the plan decided to cover the drug she needed and called her pharmacist directly to advise him that Jackie’s prescription would be covered, and she could pick up her medication immediately.

Jackie later told GLSP how important it was to be able to afford her prescription: “Y’all are really doing a great thing for us seniors. It was a life saver; I have already lost one eye. This was a miracle for me. I didn’t know where to turn; I just couldn’t go on being sick like I was. I had my medicine within an hour of talking to you. I just wanted to call and thank you for helping me get my medicine. My eyes are so much better now. Thank you so much.”


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