Finding Affordable Medicine and Continued Independence
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Finding Affordable Medicine and Continued Independence


Senior Community Outreach Services (SCOS)—one of NCOA’s Benefits Enrollment Centers (BECs) in Alamo, TX—has been using a promotoras (health promotion) model to do benefits outreach and health education in their frontier community. It was during one of these events that SCOS counselors met Jesus and Maria Cardenas.

After the group presentation at their senior center, Mr. Cardenas, 81, pulled aside the promotoras and spoke to them in confidence about how he and his wife, 75, were struggling to purchase their medications. Both are diabetic and could not afford to purchase their insulin and several other medications. He also mentioned how they often had to miss medical appointments and were not able to purchase their medications monthly.

The Cardenas received a full benefits screening, which revealed that they qualified for several programs that could help with their household costs, including the Part D Low Income Subsidy, Medicare Savings Program, home energy assistance, and Assurance Wireless, which provides a mobile phone and monthly minutes to qualifying households.

In addition, Mr. Cardenas described how his wife was having more difficulty walking and carrying out activities of daily living. SCOS immediately contacted the state to coordinate provider services.

The couple was elated to learn of the additional financial help, because previously they had been informed that they did not qualify for any services. Together these programs will help them save over $10,000 a year on their medical and household costs.


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