A Lifeline Amid a Health Crisis
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A Lifeline Amid a Health Crisis

May 12, 2014

Mary, 73, never purchased a Part D plan due to the cost. When she first saw a counselor at Legal Aid of the Bluegrass—an NCOA supported Benefits Enrollment Center—she had been extremely fortunate and did not require prescription medication to treat her health conditions.

Mary recently purchased a home and did not have much of her $1,154 monthly income to spend on things that she considered unnecessary, such as a drug plan. A counselor at Legal Aid of the Bluegrass’s Public Benefit Unit explained the Extra Help program to Mary, who was unaware of the program. After hearing about the benefits of having Extra Help, she decided to apply for assistance. Shortly after applying, she received notification that she was eligible for 100% assistance.  

Just days after getting this award, Mary discovered that she had breast cancer and would be looking at months of treatment. Thankfully, she was able to begin the long, emotional treatment process knowing that she did not have to worry about expensive prescription medication costs.


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