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About the Center


The Center for Benefits Access helps organizations enroll seniors and younger adults with disabilities with limited means into the benefits programs for which they are eligible so that they can remain healthy and improve the quality of their lives.

The Center accomplishes its mission by:

  • Providing tools and resources that help local, state, and regional organizations to find, counsel, and assist seniors and younger adults with disabilities to apply for and enroll in the benefits for which they may be eligible.
  • Generating and disseminating new knowledge about best practices and cost effective strategies for benefits outreach and enrollment.

Benefits Programs

Along with its partners, the Center works to maximize enrollment in a variety of public and private benefits. Our main programs of interest are:

Our Audience

The Center serves local, state, and national organizations that want to help find and enroll seniors and younger adults with disabilities in need-based benefits programs. We also serve policymakers, government agencies, corporations, and private foundations by helping them identify and invest in cost-effective strategies for increasing the enrollment of seniors in important programs.

For Consumers

Consumers with questions about their Medicare coverage are encouraged to visit NCOA's educational site, My Medicare Matters. The site helps people with Medicare and their families better understand Medicare and related health assistance programs, so they can get the most out of their benefits to live longer, healthier lives.


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