Can I Buy My Heart Medicine Now?
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Can I Buy My Heart Medicine Now?


Ways to Help

In early January, Sue had just $813 a month to survive.

Of that, she needed $136 just to pay for two prescriptions. The rest had to cover rent, food, heat, and everything else.

So Sue did what millions of seniors do—she asked her doctor for samples and then cut the pills in half to make them last.

Then Sue met a benefits counselor supported by NCOA.

In just one month, NCOA helped Sue find benefits that save her thousands of dollars:

  • $165 per month for prescription drugs
  • $100 for health care
  • $70 for food
  • $30 for heat

Saving Sue a total of $4,380 per year!

Now she has the income she needs to age with security—and dignity. What a difference a month can make!

When she heard the news, Sue simply asked, “Can I buy my heart medicine now?”

Sue is just one of 23 million seniors nationwide who struggle every day to make ends meet. Every month, they have to choose—do they use their limited income to pay for medicine, food, or rent?

Last year, NCOA helped more than 340,000 struggling seniors apply for and receive nearly $865 million in benefits to keep them healthy, secure, and independent. NCOA is a top-rated charity, and 94% of our income goes directly to programs that help seniors like Sue.


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