When Core Benefits Aren’t Enough
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When Core Benefits Aren’t Enough


Date: February 5, 2014

Time: 02:00 PM ET - 03:00 PM ET

Type: Webinar

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Many benefits counselors are aware of the core programs that can help low-income people with Medicare with their basic expenses. But how can you help clients with paying for services and goods that aren’t covered by those programs?

Our February webinar will show you how. We’ll cover:

  • Different programs that are available to help your clients access services not traditionally covered by Medicare (e.g., dental, vision, and hearing exams), and 
  • Other supportive services in your community.

And our webinar will be chock-full of links and resources that can help you to identify these programs as well as see how else you may help your clients to reduce their household expenses.


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