Counseling Government Employees/Retirees on Medicare
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Counseling Government Employees/Retirees on Medicare


Date: June 26, 2013

Time: 2:00 PM ET - 3:00 PM ET

Type: Webinar

Download the slides for this webinar.

In your counseling work, you have likely come across state or federal government workers and retirees who are newly eligible for Medicare. What does Medicare mean for them and their current health benefits? What do they need to know about their Medicare options?

Join us as we walk through some important factors for this growing group of Medicare beneficiaries. We’ll help you answer questions including:

  • Should I enroll in Part B now or do I delay?
  • Will I need Part D coverage?
  • Do I need to enroll in a private Medicare Advantage health plan? Purchase a Medigap policy?
  • Can I apply for the Part D Extra Help/LIS program? Medicaid?
  • How will my Medicare benefits work with my state or federal health benefits?

This webinar is geared toward both new and seasoned counselors who are interested in learning more about counseling this specific Medicare-eligible population. We encourage you to pass along this invitation to others.

Note: We cannot offer Continuing Education Credits for this webinar. As this webinar is heavily subscribed, we ask that if multiple people from the same agency are attending, please share a phone line to allow others to be able to join the webinar.


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