Making Wise Decisions With Home Equity: New Tools for a New Retirement Reality
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Making Wise Decisions With Home Equity: New Tools for a New Retirement Reality


Date: July 26, 2012

Time: 01:30 PM ET - 02:30 PM ET

Type: Webinar

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Sponsored by: NCOA and IlluminAge

Americans are facing increasing financial challenges due to job insecurity during their working years and cutbacks in pension coverage, retiree health benefits, and public programs that help mitigate uncertainties in later life.

With limited financial options, many seniors are turning to home equity as a source of extra cash in retirement. But without a financial game plan to manage this asset, older homeowners may be putting their family finances at further risk.

Understand the challenges older adults face in deciding how and when to tap home equity and discover new tools and resources that can help them make informed decisions about this valuable asset.

This information is especially valuable for low- to middle-income seniors, who have traditionally been underserved by financial advisors and are often victims of predatory lending and financial abuse.

Speaker: Barbara Stucki, Ph.D., NCOA Vice President of Home Equity Initiatives


  • The growing role of home equity as a retirement resource and what the research is telling us.
  • The myths, challenges, and benefits of strategic use of home equity to meet diverse unmet needs.
  • How the new NCOA-FINRA Home Equity Advisor website can help older homeowners consider their options for using and preserving home equity.

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