NISC 2012 Senior Center Sessions
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NISC 2012 Senior Center Sessions


Join NCOA's National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) for informative workshops and exciting networking opportunities during the 2012 ASA Aging in America Conference, March 28-April 1, in Washington, DC.

Creative Programming Ideas - 2011 NISC Awards of Excellence

The NISC Programs of Excellence Awards highlight the most creative and innovative programs offered in senior centers in 2011. The handbook provides aging professionals with a wonderful resource of new ideas and best practices that can be easily replicated in senior centers across the country. Helpful information such as costs and contact information is also provided. In addition, session participants will be able to share examples of successful programs they offered to further enhance the learning experience. 

Volunteers Build Capacity of Senior Centers

Through discussion, we will discover how Boomer characteristics affect their choice of volunteer projects and how a center can use this to their advantage to increase their capacity to deliver programs and services. Participants will develop a recruitment message that will attract Boomers and practice interviewing techniques to discover the passion and skills of an individual. Senior center staff will gain a working knowledge of Boomer characteristics. They will be able to go back to their centers and implement changes to their recruitment strategies that will appeal to individuals with Boomer characteristics. 

Engaging Volunteers: Views from Volunteer and Professional Staff Perspectives

A panel of volunteers from Newark Senior Center will describe how they have enhanced the programs and services of the center through their donated time and expertise. They will discuss how they were recruited and what motivates them to continue to give of themselves. A panel of senior center professionals will describe the approaches that have been successful for them in recruiting volunteers and how these volunteers have enriched their programs and services. Senior center professionals will include NISC members Christine Beatty, Director, Madison Senior Center, Madison, WI; Bob Pitman, Director, Mill Race Center, Columbus, IN; and Beverly Ferry, CEO, Living Well in Wabash County COA, Inc., Wabash, IN. 

Reinventing Boards and Advisory Councils

Join us to discuss the role of the senior center board or councils in enhancing the image of the center in the community, as well as playing a role in determining the delivery of program and services. An evaluation tool will be presented that centers can use to evaluate the performance of their boards/councils. How to improve and professionalize the workings of the board/councils will be illustrated by the use of a Board Manual.

Redefining the Redesigning of Senior Centers

Stretching a dollar when redesigning an existing senior center can be a challenge. In this session, an architect and individuals with experience in both designing and renovating senior centers will present a case study on a renovation that makes the most of a limited budget. Everything from interior design, finishes that make impressions, and utilization of space will be explored. Learn how to redefine and redesign a center with the bottom dollar in mind.

Senior Centers and NCOA’s National Institute of Senior Centers Peer Group

We learn so much when we get the chance to talk to other senior center professionals. Join your senior center peers as we discuss the "hot" topics on the NCOA Crossroads online discussion forum. NISC delegates will facilitate discussion, so everyone can share expertise and experience. Bring business cards and lunch, and network with your peers.

NISC Research Award Winner: Changing the Conversation – Senior Centers for the 21st Century

The workshop will paint a picture of senior centers in New York City. Using the landmark CSCS Senior Center Study to report on demographic and characteristic trends, the workshop will explore issues such as who is using senior centers, who is not, and why. The workshop will discuss specific policy and programmatic recommendations. Based on findings, the recommendations address the need to have a truly age-friendly city that incorporates innovative and diverse solutions for older New Yorkers.

The study is the first of its kind, having elicited responses in three languages from over 150 senior center administrators, over 3,000 senior center participants, and over 400 non-participating older adults. The outcomes of the study were to report specific policy and programmatic recommendations. The recommendations that were developed are based on a commitment to create and sustain livable communities which will allow seniors to age in their own communities with independence and dignity. To that end, the workshop proposes specific take away “next steps” in regard to advocacy, policy and programming.

Building Excellence: Standards to Which All Senior Centers Should Aspire

The National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) has established standards of excellence for senior centers that are aspirational and achievable by all centers and that serve to strengthen their capacity and enhance their community image. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of the standards with an emphasis on those that centers typically find the most challenging, including outcome evaluations, strategic planning, and marketing. Bring your questions!


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