NCOA 2012 Sessions
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NCOA 2012 Sessions


For Senior Centers

Download presentations from our National Institute of Senior Centers.

Download NCOA presentations from the 2012 ASA Aging in America Conference, March 28-April 1 in Washington, DC.

Center for Healthy Aging

Building a Menu of Evidence-Based Programs

Scaling Self-Care Management through Tri-Sector Collaboration

Being a Champion for Evidence-Based Programs:
The Grassroots, the Grasstops, and the Hill

Economic Security Series

Expanding Resources for the Aging Network: Demystifying the SNAP Outreach Plan in Your State

Five million older Americans will experience hunger this year, yet only 35% of eligible seniors are enrolled in SNAP (formerly the federal Food Stamp program). This valuable benefit not only helps seniors afford nutritious food, but provides stimulus to the local economy. Whether you’re already doing SNAP outreach and enrollment for your older clients, or just thinking of adding it to your benefits repertoire, your state’s SNAP outreach plan is a valuable resource to increase your impact, expand services, and even get reimbursed. Learn the basics of a SNAP state outreach plan—formal or informal—and how to become a part of the USDA's efforts.

Getting the Full Benefit of Benefits for Individuals and Communities

Core public benefits are vital to improve the economic well-being of vulnerable seniors living in poverty. Learn how benefits alleviate hunger, assure utility assistance, provide needed medical care, and open doors for older Americans, and younger adults living with disabilities, to the services that keep them functional and productive in their own homes and communities.

Improving the Health and Economic Security of Isolated Seniors: AARP & NCOA

Nearly one-third of America’s older population lives alone and faces social, cultural, or geographical barriers that prevent them from receiving important services that are essential to their health and economic security. Explore the challenges and opportunities of assisting older adults who live in isolation, and learn about key initiatives from AARP and NCOA to assist the aging and disability networks.

Creating a Path to Economic Security for Older Adults: National & Local Reflections from a Promising Pilot

Older adults face daunting financial challenges such as threats of foreclosure, high credit card debts, exotic financial scams, and a pervasive and growing sense of economic insecurity. Discover promising practices related to economic action plans that assist older adults in navigating public and private community supports, including financial services. See how this approach has impacted the lives of vulnerable seniors, increased coordination of community resources, driven systems change, engaged trusted financial services partners, and how organizations can integrate elements of the approach to get seniors onto a path to economic security.

Mind the Gaps: Using Your Community’s Resources to Improve Access to Public Benefits for Seniors

What are the resources available within your community to help you fill in the gaps in your benefits assistance work? See how different kinds of partnerships allow clients to move seamlessly through the steps of benefits assistance. Create a visual map of the benefits enrollment system for your community, to demonstrate where the gaps are, and how they can be bridged.

Public Policy & Advocacy Series

NCOA 112th Congress Public Policy Priorities

Learn about NCOA’s public policy priorities for the 112th Congress and how you can help advocate to improve the economic security and health of older adults.

Older Americans and the Federal Budget

The Federal Budget is a hot topic in Washington, DC and much needed programs and services for older adults are definitely part of the discussion. Learn the latest on what’s in, what’s out, and what the discussions mean for the seniors you serve.

Advancing Long-Term Services and Supports through Collaborative Leadership

Explore implementation of long-term services and support provisions within the Affordable Care Act at the federal and state levels, including the CLASS program and Medicaid HCBS options. Discover collaborative aging and disability efforts to raise the visibility of long-term services and supports in the 2012 elections.     

OAA Reauthorization: Time to Step Up!

With the expiration of the Older Americans Act (OAA) last fall, reauthorization is in full swing. Explore pending legislation, key issues, and NCOA priorities for strengthening strategies and services for vulnerable older adults. Find out about the key players and their roles from Congress and the Administration to national and local advocacy organizations. Learn what you should be doing to advocate for reauthorization.

Giving Voice to Vulnerable Older Adults: Lessons from the One Away Campaign

The One Away Campaign for Elder Economic Security leverages video to give voice to vulnerable older adults and enlists community advocacy leaders to capture and amplify that voice. NCOA continues to test and define the standard for video advocacy, integrating a variety of channels to enlist activists and influence policymakers. Key components include national and local videos, traditional and social media efforts, national and local events, and a variety of advocacy activities, including those accessible to older adults themselves.


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